Blogs from GALS Arizona alumni

'GALS was the best thing among others that I have in my life. Even though at first I thought I made a bad decision to spend my Fall Break camping out in the wilderness, I dont regret anything. It was fun and everything in between. I absolutely loved everything we did even though the grass, thorns, and seeds were annoying and they got in our shoes and in our socks. GALS is something super considerable because, not only do you get to go camping, backpacking, and hiking, but you get to bond with everyone you go with - including your leaders. I had fun exploring the outdoors and learning about the wildlife, environment, and other cool things like plant pressing. Not only everything that you learn is included, everything is free, so just go! Its super fun and worth it even if you think it wont be. I had my doubts but now I have memories to share and laugh about.'

- Karina, GALS Arizona participant 2018

'GALS Arizona was an amazing opportunity to create a bond with girls who attended the same school but who I never interacted with before. Being around nature was a soul calmer. The amount of animals Ive seen on this trip was crazy! Especially the camping next to the horses. Although Ive been camping numerous times before, the backpacking and learning about my surroundings that we did on the trip was completely new. Rucker Station was a great place to learn as its a very biodiverse environment'


-Tina, GALS Arizona participant 2018

'So, GALS is something that you should do and join. When you do, you go hiking and camping. Plus, you get to meet amazing leaders who are all female. The leaders teach many amazing things and its fun! Some things you will learn is how to identify animals by their tracks and their poop! Also, you learn how to preserve plants by pressing them in between cardboard and paper. Another fun thing is the horses that live at the camping site. They are friendly, and sometimes too friendly! You might also see bear, turkeys and coyotes. Along with everything you learn, you will also hike in the forest and meet all types of people who you become friends with.'

-Abril, GALS participant 2018

My experience with GALS Arizona was amazing - something I will never forget. Throughout my experience, I made a lot of new friends, I went exploring and got comfortable talking to everyone and asking questions. I would tell anyone interested how amazing this program is!

- Aaliya, GALS participant 2018

"If you are reading this, you must be wondering 'what the heck am I going to be doing on this trip?' I was you, wondering the exact same thing, scared that it was going to be horrible and I was going to be alone. But, let me tell you, this was such an amazing experience that you cant get at home. You wont ever feel alone because everyone is there for you and you will have so many amazing laughs that you might snort. And the activities you do are so much fun, Im not lying - they will make you love science. The amazing views that you will see will be such a breathtaking experience that you will never want to leave. I promise, go to this trip and you will never want to leave.. or maybe you will, but just enjoy it. Its amazing!"


-Sammy, GALS participant 2019

'To fellow GALS participants: this is a great way to get girls into science and camping. The experience of GALS has been so fun! We played campfire games, we had fun in the creek exploring, we got to learn so much about the environment and how crazy everything actually is. I really suggest GALS to all the girls that like science and arent really into it. GALS was a great experience!
- Mia, GALS participant 2019

'GALS was very empowering towards women, regardless of whether or not they want to go into science. For those who are interested in science, it opens a lot of doors.
- Byrdee, GALS participant 2019