Information for Participants

General information
GALS attendees should be prepared to experience a wide range of temperatures. Although average daytime high temperatures in October are ~75°F, with lows around 45°F, we could experience daytime highs up to 93°F and nighttime lows as low as 21°F. Rain (and occasionally, snowfall) occurs in October, so attendees should be prepared for that. Rucker Station has a large kitchen, restrooms, and outlets for recharging electronic items. We will use the kitchen to prepare meals and class and lab activities may occur indoors, but we will camp on the grounds of the station (i.e., sleep outdoors). Electricity at Rucker Station is currently provided by a generator, so intermittent power outages are possible. Food will be provided for GALS participants during our time at Rucker Station; students will help prepare breakfasts and lunches and coordinate communally-cooked dinners. Field sampling will occur on the grounds of Rucker Station as well as in the surrounding Coronado National Forest and nearby Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge. Some field work may be physically challenging for GALS participants, and will include activities such as hiking at moderately high elevations (5000-6500 feet) for up to 3 miles at a time, and carrying field survey gear and sufficient food and drinking water while hiking. Dangerous animals (e.g., venomous snakes, stinging bees) may be encountered while we are in the field.

No smoking (including e-cigarettes) is allowed during the trip. Although cellular phones, ipads and personal computers are allowed on the trip, please be aware that there is no wi-fi or mobile access in the area.

What to bring
Please find below a list of the required items for participation in the trip.  If you are unable to provide any of the required items, please let us know, our intent is not for you to purchase any items specifically for this trip.

Please note that all participants must arrive on the first day of the program with all of the gear noted below.  Upon arrival, we will double-check all gear with the girls.  It is very important that participants have the appropriate gear, as we will be in the backcountry for the majority of the program.  Please also remember that space is limited in the van, and girls should only bring items that are included on the list.  If you have questions about a specific item, we are happy to answer them.

The GALS program will provide participants with some items. In addition to food and water, GALS will provide participants with the following:

To borrow:
Hiking boots, tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, backpack, headlamp, utensils, and bowls

To keep:
Field whistle, field notebook, water bottle, GALS t-shirt, antibacterial bottle, water purification tablets, pencils, pencil sharpener

Below is a checklist of items that participants must bring: 

Gear and accessories:
1 shower towel
1 pair of sunglasses

Extra eyeglasses/contacts
Prescription medications
Baby wipes

2-3 sports bras
3-4 t-shirts
1 long sleeved t-shirt
1 breathable, waterproof rain jacket
6 pairs underwear
1 pair long underwear or pants
2-3 pairs shorts
1 pair of hiking pants
1 breathable, waterproof rain pants
1 pair water/camp shoes with heal strap
3-4 pairs of wool socks
1 brimmed sun hat
1 bathing suit
**Participants get cold every year! Bring warm clothes!

Camp pillow
Paperback book